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We mold minds for chemistry and physics



Meet Mr. Travis Everett, the brilliant mind driving our organization's success. With over two decades of exceptional experience, he's earned high respect in science and physics education.

Mr. Everett's journey began as a dedicated teacher of honors chemistry, known for his enthusiasm and passion. He deeply cares about his students' potential and loves chemistry, physics, and the art of teaching.

Beyond impacting high school scholars, Mr. Everett serves as an esteemed adjunct professor at Drew University, sharing his knowledge with graduate students in science education. His insights and efforts have earned him the title of a true mentor and guide, admired by his peers.

What sets Mr. Everett apart from his contemporaries is his genuine love for chemistry and physics, evident in every lecture and classroom interaction. He believes every student can develop a passion for these subjects and works tirelessly to ensure they receive the best education.

Mr. Everett goes above and beyond by using interactive lectures, hands-on experiments, and exciting activities to engage his students. In this vast sea of educators, he stands as an inspiring beacon and catalyst for growth. He doesn't just teach science and physics but challenges his students to unleash their full potential.

Learning from Mr. Everett is a privilege, as his vast knowledge, unwavering dedication, and infectious passion create a transformative educational experience.

Our Mission and Vision

At Travis Everett LLC, we are dedicated to revolutionizing science education. Founded by Travis Everett in 2001, our mission is to empower teachers and students with the tools they need to excel in physics and chemistry. Through collaboration with schools and teachers, we provide cutting-edge resources and expertise to create engaging curricula that inspire and challenge students. We integrate the latest teaching methodologies and technologies to effortlessly impart complex scientific concepts.


Our personalized tutoring services ensure students of all ages and grades overcome challenges and develop a profound comprehension of chemistry and physics. We go beyond academics, fostering a passion for science through interactive learning experiences and real-world applications.


For over two decades, Travis Everett LLC has made a significant impact on science education in Northern New Jersey. Countless students have benefited from our exceptional tutoring services, exhibiting remarkable progress and renewed enthusiasm for the sciences.


Looking ahead, we are committed to bridging the gap in science education and creating a brighter future for the next generation. Join us as we continue to transform lives, preparing students and educators for success in an increasingly scientific world.


We recognize the significance of equipping both teachers and students with the tools to excel in physics and chemistry education. Hence, our mission is to revolutionize science education by collaborating with schools and educators, offering cutting-edge resources and expertise to create engaging curricula.


Through the integration of the latest teaching methodologies and technologies, we empower educators to effortlessly inspire students in comprehending complex scientific concepts. We firmly believe that building a strong foundation and deep understanding of these subjects nurtures a love for science among students.


Furthermore, we provide unparalleled tutoring services for students of all ages, grades, and college curricula. Our highly skilled tutors offer personalized support, assisting students in overcoming challenges and developing a profound comprehension of chemistry and physics. We guide students through their curricula and homework, instilling confidence in their abilities to master these subjects.

Travis Everett LLC goes beyond academics, actively cultivating a passion for science through interactive learning experiences. By engaging students in experiments and practical applications, we help them discover the real-world significance of these disciplines, fostering lifelong curiosity and appreciation for scientific knowledge.


For over two decades, our impact on science education in northern New Jersey has been profound. Countless students have benefited from our exceptional tutoring services, exhibiting remarkable progress and newfound enthusiasm for the sciences. We have empowered schools and educators to deliver high-quality education through innovative teaching methodologies and compelling curricula.


With a commitment to bridging the gap in science education, Travis Everett LLC continues to transform the lives of students and educators. We pledge to create a brighter future for science education, preparing the next generation to face the challenges of an increasingly scientific world.

Our Core Values

We Practice What We Preach


We strive for excellence in providing high-quality science education and tutoring services to ensure the success and growth of our students.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all aspects of our business operations, creating an environment of trust and honesty.


We embrace innovation and continually seek new and effective ways to enhance science education and tutoring methods, adapting to the evolving needs of our students.


We foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where ideas are shared and teamwork is valued, partnering with educators, parents, and students to achieve collective success.


We empower and inspire our students to become lifelong learners and critical thinkers, enabling them to reach their full potential in science education and beyond.

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